Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

MARZA ANIMATION PLANET INC. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) will observe the Personal Information Protection Law, as well as will try to protect personal information in accordance with the following Privacy Policy. When any provisions in the terms of services provided by the Company are inconsistent with the Privacy Policy, the terms of services shall be applied preferentially.

Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

When the Company needs to have personal information provided directly from you for information distribution, delivery of documents and materials, information collection through questionnaire surveys, inquiries, campaign applications or otherwise, the Company will expressly inform you of the purpose of the use thereof to obtain your consent. Personal information so provided will be used only to the extent necessary to attain the purpose of the use thereof as well as stipulated in applicable laws and ordinances.

Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

The Company will not provide personal information so provided to any third party unless the Company has obtained your consent in advance or is authorized by applicable laws and ordinances. When the Company provides personal information to any third party, the Company will make an agreement on the handling of personal information with such third party or otherwise try to ensure adequate management thereof.

Management of Personal Information

The Company will stipulate company regulations and take reasonable management measures in order to prevent the personal information so provided from being lost, ruined, leaked or otherwise. The Company may delete the personal information when the Company judges that it is not necessary to save such personal information continuously due to the attainment of the purpose of the use thereof.

Request for Disclosure, Correction, Etc. of Personal Information

When, with regard to the personal information so provided, a request (for notification, disclosure, correction, etc. of the purpose of the use thereof; the same applies hereinafter) is made under applicable laws and ordinances, the Company will take proper actions within the reasonable scope in accordance as stipulated in such laws and ordinances.

Inquiries about Personal Information

When you would like to make an inquiry or request with regard to the handling of your personal information, please email us from our “CONTACT” page (for more information on the procedures for requests and fees).

Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Company will review and revise all or part of the Privacy Policy from time to time.