Unity for filmmaking concept

  • Pursuing rich animation expression

    Realizing full CG animation movie quality

    Using alembic importer co-developed with Unity Technologies Japan

    Infusing MARZA’s rich animation expression into Unity

    Using Alembic Mesh for almost all characters, stages and effects


  • Implementing modern texture expression

    Shaders reflecting realtime rendering trends

    SkinScreen Space SSS

    EyeProcedural RefractioProcedural Eye Catch

    FurFake Fur Shader


  • Realizing efficient visual creation

    Dramatic improvement for efficient visual creation through automatic scene creation

    Creating work scenes, pushing only one buttonReading required assets for the shot, all togetherReading required assets for the shot, all together

    Allowing asset updates after scene creation
    Accommodating various production schedules

    Enabling artists to focus on what they should primarily be doingDirectly leading to quality improvement of the visuals being created


  • Enhancing visual quality

    From Unity to composite software

    Using Frame Capture, co-developed with Unity Technologies JapanCapturing game view as a sequence of OpenEXR image files

    Using render pass system to output additional information as extra
    OpenEXR layersZDepth, Normal, Position, Ambient Occlusion, ObjectID

    Allowing integration of effects such as Post Effects which have been difficult in UnityLens Effects, Motion Blur, etc…